A downloadable BladeGunners for Windows and Linux

BladeGunners is a first-person, online arena shooter game. It utilises skating movement mechanics to allow for rail grinding on certain objects in the arena which will charge up the player's energy-based weapon. 

Set in the distant future where bullets are a thing of the past, private weapons manufacturers seek to covertly field test their weapons through gameshow sponsorships. Players are placed into 2 teams of 4 and must face each other in a deathmatch for the highly desired grand prize. Are you ready Plazmoids?

Alliah Jarabelo - Concept / Environment / VFX Artist

Bart Byczkowski   - Concept / Environment Artist

Boris Petrov - Prop / Environment Artist

Becca Simpson - Audio Design / Implementation

Callum Metcalfe - Gameplay Programmer

Christopher Robertson - Systems Programmer

Elise Dennis  - Level / System Designer

Flo Bramhill - Character Artist / Music Composition / Animator

Kalvin Malloch  - Gameplay Programmer

Lucy Poole - Prop / Environment Artist

Naomi Fielder - System / UI and UX Designer


bladegunners_windows_server.zip 161 MB
bladegunners_linux_server.zip 124 MB
bladegunners.zip 765 MB


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Played during games expo - overall very good game. Visuals and environmental design really match the mood, big fan of the fast paced quake-esque arena shooter, and love the ramp and rail mechanics. 

The areas vary greatly in terms of size. Vats and Catwalk felt cramped and closed, Tower very open and free. The game seems to favour the small and cramped feel but I think there's definitely a place for more rooms in the middle if those two styles, Connector was my favourite room as it was kind of between the cramped and open feel. Small enough to be able to track everything in the room at once, large enough to run around freely and fling myself off of rails and ramps. If I could give any feedback, it's that more rooms similar in style to Connector should exist, as they feel very balanced. Not to throw shade at Tower, the high mobility with the tall rails and the wide open area is definitely fun, but when the only cover is vertical cover and one central cylinder with a hole in it, sometimes you just feel out of options. 

Vats and the rest of the small rooms were also very fun, I'd say more so than tower, but tend to feel less free as the amount of objects that you have to traverse limits the movement options. 

The hitbox for the health pickups also felt quite small. A little bit ashamed to admit it often took me 3 or so attempts to actually pick one of those things up. With the lack of fine movement control you get with the skating, a more generous hitbox would go a long way. 

As for weapon balance - nothing is overpowered if everything is overpowered, right? If anything I'd say the pistol felt slightly too strong, but I think the weapon balance was actually very good. 

I think the rails were utilised perfectly. The placement and frequency of them was fantastic and I don't have any complaints about these whatsoever. 

Absolutely loved playing the game, really my only critique is that the rooms design is a little biased towards more cramped rooms. And even that is basically just opinion. Brilliant work creating this.